Chapek played the hand that was dealt by Iger. He did make rookie mistakes which costed Disney dearly over two year. Plus what should Iger's next order…
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FTX and Alameda scam explained. A corporate fraud that destroyed any image crypto was building back since the Celsius debacle.
All great business go through expansion problems. But Meta's social company is suffering due to expansion into Metaverse. I present my views on why they…
Twitter's super app curve ball. Do Americans really want a super app, my understanding says no. I explain the concept of Super app and why China was…
Instagram is still the best platform for ad conversion whereas TikTok is exploding with creators.
It's all about how you define the problem. I just don't like the way Facebook defines the Metaverse
+ Fight for subscribers is not over, Social Media and Sports Streaming will be an uphill battle
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